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Word Travels - Globe and Mail Critics Choice by Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail Critics Choice
by Globe and Mail / Published February 9 2008


January 25, 2008

Word Travels
OLN, 10 p.m.

The twist with this new travel series is that it talks about travel journalism as an occupation even as co-hosts Julia Dimon and Robin Esrock explore the globe for new experiences to share in their travel columns. Dimon began the writing game at 12, with a monthly movie-review column in the Toronto Star. Now 27, she has been around the world twice and currently regales readers with her adventures in the syndicated column and online magazine Travel Junkie. For Dimon, who specializes in the quirky and the cultural, "it's the ultimate job." South African Robin Esrock, 33, has called Vancouver home for the past decade. A bike accident precipitated his desire to see the world, and Esrock recorded his 24-country, five-continent journey for his website To date, he has visited 70 countries. Esrock is always on the lookout for edgy, risk-taking experiences. Together, they make a charming duo who relish some friendly sparring, whether it's about how they work - in the field, she collects facts while he records "thoughts, emotions, feelings" - or differing philosophies on how to handle begging. Subtitled The Truth Behind the Byline, the series covers the challenges of filing copy and travel setbacks with humour. That humour also spills over into the episode titles. Tonight's premiere is called Bolivia: High on the Write Stuff.

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